Merlot Herodion 2010


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6 x 750 ml.
מכון לכשרות

This wine was produced from 92% Merlot and 8% Petit Verdot grapes harvested from vineyards planted on the slopes of the central hills in the Shomron at an altitude of 700-900m above sea level. The rocky shallow soil of this ancient wine country with its dry air and cool nighttime temperatures combine to offer ideal conditions for the production of quality wines. The harvesting date was chosen by carefully tracking the ripening process, including laboratory tests and grape tasting in the vineyards to identify optimal ripeness – the phenol ripening and accumulation of color and flavors, yet acidity level remains high enough to produce a rich and stable wine. This year, the acidity level of the Merlot grapes remained high while the grapes accumulated higher than usual sugar content for Herodion wines, resulting in a fascinating wine of high acidity, excellent phenol ripening, and slightly higher than usual alcohol content. When the harvest time arrived, the grapes were picked by hand in the early morning hours, from selected plots, and immediately transported to the winery. The grapes were fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at relatively low temperatures so as to best preserve the aromas of the fruit. Alcoholic fermentation was followed by malolactic fermentation. The wine was stabilized and transferred to French and American oak barrels to age for 12 months in the temperature controlled barrel storerooms of the winery. The wine is characterized by aromas of black fruit and coffee, with a full, rich yet elegant body. The wine was not filtered so as to preserve its full aromatic potential. Recommended to accompany: lean meats dishes. Serving temperature: 180C Analytic data: Harvest dates – Merlot Har Bracha Vineyard – 9-15-2010 Merlot Shilo Vineyard – 8-24-2010 Petit Verdot Shilo Valley Vineyard – 9-13-2010 Alcohol – 14% Caloric value – 77 kCal/100ml.

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